The big night is coming soon! Sunday evening December 16th at the Casino de Montréal will be held the World Combat Arena Strikers Series, the Quest for the Aïsudan finals. On the menu, 12 fights including 6 for the titles and the presentation of the Aïsudan Black Belt of Combat Sports.

Promoters Vic Thériault, Yohan Corbeil and the Aïsudan Productions team are proud to present the culmination of 3 years of hard work to finally crown the best of the best. On December 16th, five Aïsudan Black Belts will be presented to the champions of this evening by the legendary “Iceman” Jean-Yves Thériault, himself 23 times World Kickboxing Champion.

Hosted by the electrifying Klod Buffer and the sparkling Nathalie Bruneau, this evening will be devoted to the success of the Groupe Karaté Sportif for a keen workforce in the development of the sport of Kickboxing over the years.

Explosive final between the heavyweights Jonathan Meunier vs Jonathan Doucet

This long-awaited main event is a revenge between two of Canada’s top heavyweights and one of the most anticipated fights in the history of the Aisudan Tournament, which has now been going on for three years. On the evening of December 16th, one of these two heavyweights will have the privilege of wearing the Aisudan 2018 Black Belt of Combat Sports. Jonathan Meunier (11-0 Kickboxing), who won the same belt in 2016, will face Jonathan Doucet (7-3 Kickboxing, 1-0 Boxe Amateur, 1-0 MMA) once again in one of the most spectacular fights in Canadian heavyweight history. This time, Doucet, who has gained experience and maturity, feels ready to face one of the most feared Striker in the country.

To add to an action packed Aïsudan Final, a 155lbs fight between two Black Belts in Karate that will cross hands and feet! Lucien Cornil will fight for this bout Christopher Gadoury who has chosen to change his weight class to try his luck for the Aïsudan.

Another very interesting fight in the 172lbs category, a fight between the very powerful Nassim Barakat and the warrior Alexandre Larouche of Quebec. This bout is an Aisudan’s final and the winner meets aspiring # 1 Simon Lefebvre Tuesday, January 29th, under the chairmanship of renowned boxer Lucian Bute in Mont-Laurier, if sanctionned by the Kickboxing Corporation.

David Dao vs Joseph Aina is a clash of extreme Tae Kwon Do, and Renaud Young against Isaah Sharpe is a highly anticipated revenge fight for the Eastern Canadian Championship.

Women Gets in the Act

An Electrifying women Leg Kick K1 Style Fight’s predicted. Kat Veranova, the best female Muay Thaï fighter in the province of Quebec vs TBA

Prospects on their way to make their names at the Casino de Montréal

Jeremy Roberts vs Hayden Nicholson, Dylan Gallant vs Nathan Dinkelmann, Malik Ould-Ammar vs Iliass “The Rock of Morocco” Ait Moumen, William Dagenais vs Tommy Le Duc are the final front fights that will complete this exciting card!


The AÏSUDAN Tournament scans the planet for future Striker stars. The word AÏSU means Ice, and the word DAN means Degree as these are obtained beyond the Black Belt.

To win the AÏSUDAN is to win the iconic Black Belt of Combat Sports. A Belt created in honor of a living legend, that of the ICEMAN Jean-Yves Thériault who symbolizes perseverance, courage and a frank rigour of determination.

Jean-Yves “The Iceman” Thériault let’s remember, has won 23 times the World Kickboxing Champion titles with 69 wins including 61 by KO!! The Iceman faced 76 fights from June 1976 until December 1995, ensuring an authentic frenzy that has marked the hearts of Quebecers.


“This is by far my dream event to close season 3 at the Casino de Montréal, ending Season 3 with the most anticipated heavyweight Strikers fights since the legendary Darell Hanegan was ruling the division in the 80’s.”

Mark the date and meet us at the most exciting evening of the year for the World Combat Arena-WCA Strikers Series, at the Cabaret of the Casino de Montréal on Sunday December 16th!
(Doors open at 7pm ready for meals, show begins at 7.30pm) 

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* The Aisudan amateur Tournament is on a mission to screen the best future professional strikers in the world to be set ready to reach big league organizations or to be offered a contract to fight in the World Combat Arena-WCA’s Strikers Series Pro-AM events coming soon in all major Worldwide cities.