The World Combat Arena-WCA anticipates the grand roll-out of the Aïsudan Tournament third season being held on September 9th at the Casino de Montreal.

The Aïsudan Tournament is sanctioned by the Corporation de Kickboxing Amateur du Quebec and allows a minutious selection of young elite Kickboxers, to live the experience of facing an adversary in a unique environment while offering a real challenge to surpass the excellence of the sport.

The purpose of the Aïsudan Tournament is to target, prepare and perfect in stand up combat the young hopefuls to bridge a professional Kickboxing career. The advantage of being a WCA “Star” is to be able to reach the Mixed Martial Arts-MMA or professional boxing leagues.

The World Combat Arena-WCA clarifies having accepted some fights with “Low Kicks” in the past but specifies the ultimate respect of the “Full Contact” Stand up rules, as at the time of the fights of the legendary Jean-Yves “The Iceman” Thériault (Kickboxer World Champion 23 times) to better supervise our athletes to make their professional transitions.

Reaching the amateur peaks can only offer spectacular performances by our Aïsudan fighters inspired by their pro debut in Quebec during our next four Galas under the rules of the Régie des Alcools, Courses et des Jeux du Quebec (RACJ) which is chaired by Michel Hamelin.

The inclusion of the World Combat Arena-WCA is rapidly expanding in the United States, Italy, South and Central Africa and Tunisia. Thanks to our proud and active representatives Janell “Lady Dragon” Smith (USA), Eugenio Tomasino (Italy), Arnold Saint Aymard Damango (Central Africa / South), Mohamed Zemzemi (Tunisia) , other beautiful surprises will be presented to you soon. 

The Quest for the Black Belt of Combat Sports Aïsudan has allowed the evolution of 5 champions and several AÏSUDAN talents to begin their professional careers in the World Combat Arena-WCA pro league, the Strikers Series “The Ultimate Stand Up Combat ” . Who will be the next Iceman?

Since many have not yet passed the 3 professional bouts, they have the chance to perfect their learning on the league Amateur Aïsudan, which was interupted by the Quebec government in February 2017 with four Aïsudan Galas being planned for the month of September, October, November and December 2018.

World Combat Arena-WCA athletes wishing to remain professional, will have the chance to receive support from the league to find pro fights. The fighters skills will be constantly scrutinized this season 2018-19 in order to gain experience and take part from the start in the World Combat Arena-WCA professional Strikers Series division.

The World Combat Arena-WCA is the only league in Quebec to have a license for the presentation of professional Kickboxing fights.

To the fans and sponsors who support us from the very beginning, as well as to the team working behind the scenes to help our young talents experience the dream of fighting at the Casino de Montréal, a big thank you from me, Vic Thériault, Yohan Corbeil but also from the big team of the World Combat Arena-WCA.

Looking forward to seeing you faithfully in large numbers on Sunday September 9th for the return of the TOURNAMENT AÏSUDAN, THE ONLY BLACK BELT OF COMBAT SPORTS in the WORLD !! Be there ..


Victor Thériault