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Featuring the last legendary fight from Master Kickboxing trainers Edmond Ardissone – 1rst World Frenchman champion PKA in Côte-d’Azure Nice France on June 11th, 2022. A last dance for promoter extraordinaire and former kickboxing world champion Addison. It was a natural reach out from his long-lasting friendships
with Jean-Yves Theriault – The Iceman with PRO legacy 23-time world champion
and his brother Victor Theriault to pay their honors. Due to JY Theriault prior
engagement, The Iceman best student and coach and world champion René
Gratton is wilfully leading Team Canada to victory. This will be an explosive first full
contact kickboxing karate K1 rule fight event experience, not only for regular fan but
also for VR users and LiveStreaming in 360° fans.
Main event:
Full contact 7 rounds x 2 mins Renaud Young vs Jonathan Pastorini
Full contact 5 rounds x 2 minutes Simon Lefebvre vs Romain Gagglioli
K1 rule fight 3 rounds 3 minutes: Mattson Leon vs Henry Zenelaj
Full contact 5 rounds x 2 minutes Samuel Bunch vs Hamza Ridene

PREMIERE LIVE VR/ 360 is an unpreceded broadcasting event presented by iFeelvirtuel inc and hosted by The technology of VR camera capturing the event will bring fans closer then ever, taking them ON THE RING to get a taste of the action like never before. A perspective on screen and a very REAL experience in virtual reality. This means fans from all over the world will benefit from a 360-view accessible view via mobile, PC, tablet, their smart TV and full experience in VR through their headset.

PRESHOW to experiment a virtual venue and meet with other fans in the IFeelvirtuelNEAR space created for the
event. The metaverse is offering interactive content to discover the legends, contenders, meet and greet with the event hosts, interact, and discover the sponsors. The actual fight will be accessible through a portal. Everyone can connect their cryptocurrency wallet.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their continuous support in making this event possible:, WCA and Hugo Sports.