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The history

The Quest for AISUDAN

Aisu is the Japanese word for Ice, which carries two meanings: 
1)    the next Iceman in the ring
2)    the ‘coolest’ of the competitors, in and out the ring. 

The winner of the competition gets a golden ice symbol sewn into his black belt to indicate he is the overall champion. It could alternatively be a Black robe with a golden ice star sewn over the heart.


Ice:         The ultimate fighting black belt, the Iceman, Jean-Yves Thériault
Dan:        The highest ranking obtainable in the practice of martial arts

The system of belts and Dans is relatively recent to the world of martial arts, which means we have the right to create our own rank and system of accreditation. Therefore we are creating the AisuDan, the black belt of Combat.

The Aisudan name is a contemporary name for a classic idea. It represents the practice of martial arts for the sake of science and knowledge. It suggests that technique and practice will defeat brute force and bluster.

Aisu is the Japanese word for Ice. It stands for the best of the best among the world’s finest black belt martial artists. For the warrior who does not crumble before his foe. For the technician who performs flawlessly. For the coolest of the cool. For the next Iceman.

The burden of AisuDan is dual. It is found inside the ring by facing an opponent, and alone in the dojo by measuring power and precision. Courage and skill.

Many will enter the Quest for AisuDan, but only a few will make it to the top of the iceberg.

Crédit Justin Kingsley